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DayTraderU is dedicated to helping traders of stocks, bonds, options, futures or forex achieve two goals:

1) Make more money with less risk.


Our philosophy is "time is money", so we want to provide only information that is relevant to making money and protecting capital and cut out all the other fluff.

As a result, we have created a list of Trading Rules that you must follow if you want to be profitable at trading.  We have also created an area of our site which is responsible for the most important element of profitable trading and that is a written Trading Plan.  This section of the site outlines the 4 Major Components of the Trading Plan and then gives you specific details of each of them.

If you want to PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL check out or list of Common Trading Pitfalls.

One way to make more money is to ramp up your trading education by visiting our Book Store or visiting other sites dedicated to helping you become a better trader.

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